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A picture of Grandpappy Welldigger on top of his shack's fireplace.

Grampappy Welldigger during his prime years


Long ago, our ancestors at [NOT] BORED GAMES mastered the secret art of making anything [NOT] boring.Our Founder, Grampappy Welldigger, used to say, “Counting, reading, and writing doesn’t have to be a humdrum chore. They can be so much more when you're not bored.”

[not] just board games

Grampappy Welldigger adding 'Science' to the mix of his board game invention


Grampappy Welldigger adding 'Cardboard' to the mix of his board game invention


Grampappy Welldigger adding 'Wackiness' to the mix of his board game invention


Using some science, cardboard, and a little bit of Grampappy Welldigger’s trademark wackiness, we've created
B-O-A-R-D games for learning and for sparking curiosity in and out of the classroom.
"Playing a board game? During class? Are you loony?!"Yes, to all! We’ve linked our games directly to areas in the Common Core Standards. So really, when you’re playing, you’re learning!Our games are tested by teachers, they gamify learning objectives from the standard curriculum, and they immerse players in an engaging and wacky narrative!

Crop Cards from the Frango Morango board game of [Not] Bored Games

Frango Morango

A fun board game that teaches valuable skills of negotiation and nonviolent communication. Wacky farmers that trade crops to fatten up your piggy bank and win the coveted Blue Ribbon!

Sound Tiles from the Sound Spy board game by Not Bored Games

Sound Spy

Stealthily navigate Sound Castle's tiles, decipher mysterious phonemes, and rescue the captive pup from the Shogun's grasp. Become the celebrated hero of the resounding Sound Kingdom!

[not] a problem

Grampappy was always complaining about how everyone was always on their phones, and how nobody knew how to be bored anymore, and how chickens nowadays weren’t as feisty as they used to be…

Bored elementary students taking a test from the traditional education system

He was clearly losing his marbles, but he taught us that anything can be [NOT] boring if you treat it like a game. That people who are [NOT] bored make stuff, and make mistakes, and dreams! And people that aren’t [NOT] bored could wait forever, and nothing would happen, even if there’s a chicken doing police work in front of them.The problem is: you’re bored when you could be [NOT] Bored, you see?

the prophecy

Deep in the bowels of ol’ Grampappy’s basement, there’s an old toy chest, and in that toy chest there’s a Caboodle, and in that Caboodle there’s a box, and in that box … hours later … and in that Egyptian sarcophagus... there’s a humble map; a map of prophecy leading to the place where imagination and reality clash together! A place where boredom does [NOT] exist!We are going to rediscover where curiosity comes from and revive the connection to our imagination and creativity. We think this is at the heart of learning, and believe that the people who most need to be [NOT] Bored are the people at school: students AND faculty.

Grampappy Welldigger's Basement
The road towards the curious well somewhere in Boderton the world of [Not] Bored Games

Enter the Curious Well

So, come across the threshold! We have a map, and a mission, and no idea where it goes!And if that sounds like fun, we’re bound to learn a lot!If you’re an educator interested in beta testing our games, please message us, stalk us on social media until we notice, or send us a fax if you wanna be intriguing.If you’re just a fan of learning, or board games, or need some help being [NOT] bored then sign up for our mailing list to get news about development, crowdfunding campaigns, and invitations to come out and play!

It's great to see you're keen!

Careful, though; our emails can be a bit wacky and sneak into your SPAM! Be sure to hit 'CONFIRM' in your email to complete the process.Since we're a small indie design studio, we want to have a close relationship with the people interested in our games and vision. That's why we invite you to join our Discord Server, The [Not] Bored Shack, and chat with us about everything [not] bored.

The other side of the Curious Well within Boderton the world of [Not] Bored Games

Welcome to the whimsical side of town

The [Not] Bored Games logo


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Answer to the first question
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Many moons ago, our Welldigger ancestors uncovered a secret map buried deep in the basement. It tells of a special place where boredom does not exist and curiosity reigns free… This is where they learned the secret art of being [Not] Bored.Through the passage of time, it seems that we have forgotten this wisdom. We aim to get it back and share it with every teacher, every parent, and students of all generations! No matter you’re age, it’s never too late to play to learn.By sharing our adventures and turning lessons learned into games, we hope to take you with us to this mythical place. Beware the signs that we’re approaching the Curious Well and the magical place to which it leads:

1. Lessons will start to appear everywhere2. Passion will return to teaching3. Studying and learning will feel like playing

Come with us and watch for the signs of our world becoming [Not] Bored!

Enter the Curious Well

The [Not] Bored Games logo

Our [Not] Secret Identity

Grampappy Welldigger with crossed arms looks interesting.

Grampappy Welldigger

(A.K.A. Tomas Salvatierra)

He is a game designer & illustrator, among many other things. Specializes in digital game narrative designer and DTC brand content creator. He also has +4 years of teaching multi-age groups, making him the perfect profile to design educational board games.

Willa Welldigger stares at the horizon with a gentle breeze flowing through her hair.


(A.K.A. Manuela Salvatierra)

She is a mother, convener, curator, and artist. She leads the development of Aldea Comporta and helps us with all the social media management, PR, and aesthetics curation.

Bill Boderton celebrating with open arms


(A.K.A. Joaquin Brillembourg)

He is an engineer with +10 years of entrepreneurship experience. He has successfully exited two tech startups. He leads Strategy, Operations, and Marketing. Having him responsible for generating revenue is a suitable job, given his background and experience.

Fairy Godmother preparing her magic


(A.K.A. Marina Montaranella)

She is an educator with +10 years of teaching experience. Form in the Reggio Emilia Pedagogical Methodology. She's currently the Pedagogical Lead of Aldea Comporta's Forest Studio. And the guide to our educational research and game development. She also happens to love Horses and Dragons (because they're like Horses with superpowers).

The [Not] Bored Games logo
The road towards the curious well somewhere in Boderton the world of [Not] Bored Games

Dive Into the Curious Well
with [Not] Bored Games

Where Imagination Meets Reality and Boredom Does [NOT] Exist!

The Curious Well – a mystical gateway where imagination and reality clash together! Somewhere within the heart of Boderton is this realm where the mundane becomes extraordinary, where every game we play is a step towards rediscovering our innate curiosity and reviving our connection to creativity.Are you keen to join us in this journey and search for this magical place?Whether you're an educator seeking inspiration, a board game lover, a curious parent, or just someone [not] boring, sign up for our mailing list.You'll receive news about development, crowdfunding campaigns, and exclusive invitations to explore and play!

Frango X Morango Logo
Frango X Morango Logo

A Wacky Game of Negotiation & Communication

This quirky card game teaches valuable negotiation & nonviolent communication skills.
Join the wacky farmers as you barter and trade crops to fatten up your piggy and win the Harvest Fair!

“If we want to be compassionate, we must be conscious of the words we use.
We must both speak and listen from the [SNOUTER].”
— Marshall B. [Oink]enberg

What you HAVE is wonky!

One Harvest Day, the farmers woke up to the strangest sight. Their fields were filled with apples and strawberries, sure, but also chickens, hay bales, and clocks? They didn’t even speak a word of English, the entire harvest was in Portuguese!

Farmer Buck showing his wacky face out of the crop fields from the Wacky Farms

Your Wacky Crops

Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


Cute but incompetent and completely unprofessional. If the Harvest Company finds one of these feathery fellows working on your farm, they’ll shut you down with safety violations!

Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


Completely unpredictable. They might be sweet or they might be salty, and a bitter morango packs a real punch. Keep ‘em around if you wanna get sued for false advertising.

Counteroffer Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


Loud and dramatic. They always have to be the center of any dish. No chef can work with such a capricious ingredient. One bad maça can ruin your harvest’s entire reputation.

Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


Sleeping at work. Playing during dinner time. These tempos are on a completely different schedule! Leave them running, and you’ll be working overtime.

Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


These fardos ain’t for the horses. They’re too tough and agile. Always trying to stack up to the competition. There’s no way the Harvest Company wants something that competitive in the market.

Piggy Banker sitting on a pile of money from Frango X Morango

What you WANT is wacky!

What’s an honest farmer to do with a spoiled, unruly harvest? This could cost them the farm! Lucky for them, their wacky piggies will eat anything, and I mean ANYTHING! Just win the fattest piggy contest and use the prize money to save the farm YEEEHAW! You’ll have to get to know your piggy to know what it wants.

Meet Your Piggies

Crop Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


Counteroffer Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game


The only thing you CAN control in this wacky wonky world is...

…how you communicate and make deals with the other farmers. To have the fattest piggy, you’ll have to trade for what it wants. Will you offer deals based on mutual benefit, or will you be a greedy piggy? Sometimes, there’s no other way but to ask for what you want; just be ready with plenty of counter-offers, or it’ll be YOUR piggy gettin’ skinny! Will you be able to rise to the cream of the wacky crop?

Farmer Buck showing his wacky face out of the crop fields from the Wacky Farms
Farmer Buck showing his wacky face out of the crop fields from the Wacky Farms

Connect with your desire... are you a morango-lover or a frango-phile?
Follow our Kickstarter campaign to get Frango Morango!

Join the Wacky Farming Frenzy

Crop Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game

Harvest Crop Cards

You’ll need plenty of crops to feed your piggy. Feed it what the die asks to win the ribbon for the fattest piggy bank. Frangos for Morangos or Maças for Tempos; you must trade your cards with other farmers to suit your Piggy’s taste.

Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game

Make an Offer

The Deal of the Day card will tell you what sort of trade you can offer. You could trade one crop for another, start a bidding war, make a lowball offer, and more. Not all deals are equal or fair, but asking is the first step towards getting what you want.

Counteroffer Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game

Play Your Cards

When a farmer makes you an offer, you can use your Counter Offer Cards. These allow you to change the offer on the table. You can ask for More, give Less, Change the Deal or flat out Refuse. Once the deal is accepted you must exchange your crops.

Deal of the Day Cards from the Frango Morango Board Game

Closing Time

The Harvest Fair is open for 10 days. If a player decides to change the Deal of the Day, the clock ticks closer and closer to the end. When the last Deal of the Day is revealed, you have one last round before counting your points. In the end, the fattest piggy gets the ribbon.

Setup of the game Frango X Morango by Not Bored Games

Unfold a world of strategy and negotiation with Frango Morango - from our farm to your gaming table

Happy Morangos from the Frango Morango Wacky Market

Skills to Thrive in Wacky Wonky Worlds

Frango Morango seamlessly integrates learning into fun gameplay. Ideal for kids aged 8 and up, this game teaches real-world negotiation and communication skills based on Marshall Rosenberg's principles of Nonviolent Communication.Players will receive tools for clearly expressing needs, making requests, and establishing boundaries. These critical interpersonal skills apply in formal settings like business deals and everyday situations like family discussions.Frango Morango creates a safe environment to practice this "language of compassion." The goal is to practice voicing our wants and needs while respecting others - keys to resolving conflict and cooperation.

Are You Ready to Become a Wacky Farmer?

Join us in the enchanting universe of Frango Morango, where the joy of farming and the thrill of negotiation come alive!

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Sound Spy Logo

Sound Spy

Revive the Voice of the Kingdom

The Sound Castle has fallen into silence under the Shogun's spell. As a Sound Ninja, you've been summoned by Princess Melody to restore harmony, save her precious Shih Tzu carrying the VOICE gemstone, and lift the Kingdom from impending silence. Are you ready for the challenge?

Every word can change the Kingdom's destiny in a world
where sounds are spells and vowels are magic.

Welcome, Sound Ninja Recruit!

Deep within the beautiful Alphabet Valley, the Sound Castle was a beacon of harmony. Once filled with Sound Treasures created by the magic of vowels, the castle is now silenced. The joyful barks of the Princess's Shih Tzu, once echoing through the Castle, are lost. An ominous silence hangs in the air as the Castle faces its greatest threat.

A distant view of the Sound Castle in the Alphabet Valley
The Shogun, with a grim face after seizing the Sound Castle and bringing silence to the Kingdom

The Silent Siege!

The Shogun, the master of silence, has invaded the Sound Castle and scattered the Sound Treasures, sowing chaos and quiet. His ultimate quest? To find the VOICE gemstone and cast the entire Kingdom into eternal silence. But he's oblivious to the Castle's secrets and the gemstone's true location, hidden within the Shih Tzu's collar.

Sound the Ninja Gongs!

Princess Melody has called on the Sound Ninjas to restore the Kingdom's voice and save her beloved Shih Tzu. Your mission is fraught with dangers and labyrinths of silence. By learning and casting Sound Spells, and matching words with their rightful sounds, you can bring back the harmony and rescue the puppy. The fate of the Kingdom rests in your hands.

A Sound Ninja camouflages himself with Cherry Blossom tree branches

Unleash Sound Spells, dodge traps, and save the Kingdom.
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Your Sound Ninja Training Begins!

Unveil the secrets of the Sound Castle, flipping tiles from mere letters to meaningful words.
Outsmart the Shogun and bring back the rhythm of the Alphabet Valley.

The Sound Spy Board and Tiles
A Sound Ninja with the power of the All-Seeing-Cloud


As Sound Ninjas, you'll journey through the castle, gather Sound Treasures, and outwit the Shogun to bring back the Kingdom's voice.

A tile of the Shogun from Sound Spy


The cunning Shogun has cast a spell of silence over the Castle. But he doesn't know the Castle's secrets. Use this to your advantage and foil his plan!

The Sound Spy Sound and Word Tiles

Sound & Word Tiles

These are your tools to restore harmony. Flip these blue gems and form words. With every correct match, you're one step closer to saving the Kingdom.

The Action Cards from the Sound Spy game

Action Cards

Traverse the Castle with the help of Trap Cards and Snatch Sacks. Remember, a smart Sound Ninja knows when to dodge a trap and when to gather Sound Treasures.

The Pup Treat Cards from the Sound Spy game


These treats are more than just rewards. Gather three by successfully matching sounds and win over the Shih Tzu's trust, bringing you closer to saving the Kingdom.

Sound tiles of the Sound Spy board game from Not Bored Games

Sound Spy: Navigate the Maze of Phonemes and Save the Kingdom

A young Sound Ninja practicing his camouflage technique

Aligning Adventure with the Common Core Standards

Sound Spy is designed for children aged 6 to 9, but it's fun for all ages. Our unique approach weaves the principles of phonetics into an exciting board game, promoting an understanding of sound-letter relationships, phonemic awareness, and spelling patterns. This stealthy sound adventure meets Common Core Standards and brings joy to the process of early literacy skill development.

Answer the Call of the Sound Castle

Will you rise to the occasion, outwit the Shogun, rescue the Shih Tzu, and restore the voice of the Kingdom?
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